Thursday, May 26, 2011

Target and Mail Drop

Tonight my friend and I headed to Target so I could get a few pictures developed.  To kill some time we walked around and I and I found these cute sandals for my daughter.  They were also having a BOGO sale!  I got a size 2 and 3 since my daughter will most likely get bigger pretty quick.  They're so cute and I love that they're pink!  

Anywho, the pictures I got developed at Target took less than an hour.  Now that I got the pictures I'm all set to get my husband's envelope ready.  Sometimes when they are underway us wives/girlfriends have a "mail drop."  That's basically getting to send our husband's an 8x11" envelope filled with letters, pictures, etc.  My husband requested a fitness and money magazine along with new pictures of his daughter and I.  Since Father's day is coming up and he'll still be gone I decided to throw in his first Father's day card.  I'll also include a letter.  I'm so excited to get this done and send it to our Ombudsman back in SD so she can sent it off to the boat.  I'm glad that he'll get to see pictures of his daughter standing, eating new foods, etc.  He misses out on so many things being in the Navy.  But I'm gonna do my best to keep him up to date on everything going on in our life.  

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