Friday, May 6, 2011

Old habits die hard

In the past when I use to work full-time I was a terrible impulse buyer.  I could spend $1000+ in one store because other than gas, phone and my credit card, I had no other bills to pay for.  I would even treat all of my friends to dinner, buy them things, and I even spent $900+ on rims and tires for my cousin.  I know...I was crazy.  Looking back now I wish I had more self-control.  However, after I got married, I got better not buying things I don't really need.  I've had my moments but overall I think I've been doing good... until today at least...  Thankfully I realized what I had done and returned the items I bought.  Before I buy anything I gotta weigh the pros and cons.  Also, I promised my husband I was gonna save money and I'm gonna make sure I stick to my plan!!

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