Monday, May 23, 2011

Let the "lent" begin!

A few of my girl friends and I have decided to do our own version of "lent."  However, instead of it lasting just 40 days, it'll be until the new year!  I believe we can all do it especially considering what the consequences are if we fail.  (LOL!)  Anyways, starting at 12am tomorrow until 12am Jan 1, 2012 we will not have any starbucks (water is the only exception) and sodas.  Also, each of us gave up other food items (but we'll be able to eat those items just once a week because let's face it, it'd be too hard giving it up for the remainder of this year).  For me, I'm giving up chocolate and ice cream.  I consume those almost every single day so it'll be quite a change just being able to have it once a week, but I know it'll be for the better.  Also, this should definitely help me get to my goal weight much faster.  My husband told me my limit is 110 lbs, but I think I'm gonna change it to 105 lbs.  Let's do this!

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