Sunday, May 29, 2011

Back to Shokudo!

Tonight my cousin, Lerma, and I had a date night.  It's been over a year since we hung out together so it was nice catching up.  I obviously love Shokudo and she's never been there so I had to bring her.  Lol.

I had their spicy miso ramein.

She got the veggie soy ramein.

And for dessert was the delicious honey toast!  Yum.


NarsCupcake said...

omg girl you making me hungry. I love soups especially Pho (I think thats how you spell it). Looks yum

D.Sadie said...

Lol! Pho sounds good right about now.

Rohini said...

The dessert looks SO good! :)

Silkybow said...

omg you have just made me crave for ramen! D;

D.Sadie said...

@rohini and silkybow. LOL. You two are so funny. =D

Vintage Makeup said...

That looks fab!