Thursday, May 19, 2011

MacBook Pro Speck Cases

Lately I've been noticing that my Pro has been feeling hotter than usual.  I figured maybe something is wrong with the battery/laptop?  So my friend and I went to Apple and of course they just offered various reasons as to why it might be heating up faster.  My friend suggested that I take out the bottom of my case instead.  After doing so, there was a huge difference.  But it just sucks because I paid almost $50 for my case and now I can only use half of it!  For my old Pro I originally used the Speck SeeThru case, which I also liked and didn't notice any problems with it.  But for my new Pro, I decided to go with the Speck Satin case because it looked much better..  *sigh*  Oh wells.  Lesson learned.

Speck SeeThru Pink Case

Speck Satin Pink Case

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JC! :) said...

i bought a black one for my first pro and i had the same problem. i like the plastic ones better. my new pro (i got it in feb or march this year, i forget) has no problems overheating either w/ the plastic one.