Saturday, May 21, 2011

Just Tacos and Walmart

So Cristine and I had another spontaneous girl's night out again.  She took me to Just Tacos located in Pearl city.  I don't eat Mexican food that much but I enjoyed it.

Cristine's margarita

Me enjoying my water

My two tacos w/ carne asada and shrimp

Cristine's two tacos with chicken and shrimp


Fried ice cream

After dinner we decided to walk off our full tummies at Walmart.  While walking around I stumbled onto this turnable.  I really wanted it, but don't have any room/use for it at the moment.  If I hadn't bought my makeup organizer I would've used it for that or even for my nail polishes but my collection is back in SD.  Oh wells.

I didn't realize how light I am.  LOL

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