Friday, July 22, 2011


Hey everyone.  Sorry for slacking with my personal blog.  I have been mainly focusing on my beauty blog and spending as much time as I could with my hubby while he was on land.  Today he left to go underway for about a month.  The first few days are always the hardest, but it will get better.  Today I had to drop him off at work around 7am.  Then once I got home he called me saying to come back and pick him up because he did not have to go in until 10am.  It was nice getting a few more hours with him even though saying goodbye again sucked.  Plus, today our babygirl turned 9 months so I am happy Alyssa was awake and got to play with her daddy for a bit this morning.

For this month that he is gone I already got a few things planned (many thanks to my fellow navy wives).  We have a lot of get togethers to pass the time by quickly.  Also, my family will be coming up to the mainland in two weeks.  I am excited for them because it will be my parents first time EVER to the mainland.  First they will be flying to Vegas with our other relatives to visit my cousin then road trip it up to me.  From SD, we will all drive to Bakersfield for a family reunion.  Once the reunion is done we will all split up. Dad will go back to Vegas with his siblings, Mom will come back with me to my place in SD then we will fly to Kansas to visit her siblings, and my brother will go to Florida with my cousins to go to DisneyWorld.

Thank goodness for family and friends!  <3

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Janel said...

Yeah girl, it's been a while since you posted here! Glad to read an update though. That family reunion sounds sweet! I wonder when my family will have a REUNION. We're all so scattered -_-.