Monday, July 4, 2011

New baby bag!

Lately, when I go out with my daughter I will just put all of her things into my purse.  And it is A LOT of things (diapers, baby wipes, extra clothes, socks, bib, blanket, washcloth, etc).  Even though my purse is huge to carry everything, whenever I try to search for things it takes me forevers to locate it.  My purse feels like a black hole.  So today I decided to buy her a backpack just for her own stuff.  Of course, I wanted something pink so I went straight for the Hello Kitty items at NEX.  Thankfully I found this backpack that also matches her bottle cooler!  (Yay!  I'm so OCD that I need things to match).

Originally it was $24, but with the NEX 24% off of Hello Kitty items, it came out to $18.  Score!  I love shopping with sale items.  

How did you organize your baby/kid's stuff?  Do you use a backpack also?

Here's a random picture of my babygirl.  I always things it's so cute when I see her nose sweat.  It reminds me of my husband.  Like father like daughter.  


Fabulous Aimee said...

so cute! The baby and the bag!

D.Sadie said...

Thanks love. =)

Miss Tapia said...

I LOVE Hello Kitty and I buy everything of her for my daughter. I think that backpack is adorable =)

Janel said...

Cute bag! Last year, my mom bought my daughter a similar one. It's kid sized though. Jillian's able to carry it herself. Shall I post a pic? Lol. I keep her stuff in her own backpack. I used to stuff her things in my bag too. I don't need to bring too many things... but sometimes she likes to bring her own little trinkets. I always need to bring her an extra set of undies, couple different snacks, and her bobble water bottle. I don't make her carry it though. If she insists on carrying it herself, I take out her drink to make it lighter.