Thursday, January 26, 2012

It's that time again..

This month went by way too quick.  I loved that hubby got to be home for a while, but it couldn't last forever.  The military is calling his name again.  He will only be gone for a few weeks but they always feel like a lifetime.  I don't know how I'll be able to manage his deployment soon after this underway.  He was even told that his boat has one of the most craziest schedules they've ever seen.  Hah.  Why am I not surprised..

Any of you a wife of a submariner?  I think being married to a submariner is much harder.  It isn't the same as a carrier or surface ship.  Theses men don't have as much freedom and communication is VERY minimal.  Just ask the other submarine wives.  Given my husband and I email each other daily, but it is up to a certain department when they want to send it out, which makes it very frustrating.  I have been on his boat and the space is small and limited.  I just can't imagine having him live there for even more than a week.

I'm trying to be strong that the has to go out to sea again and serve his country, but it is so tough.  I've gotten so spoiled having him home almost every single day.  Our daughter adores him.  Every day when he walks through the door from work, her face lights up like a Christmas tree and would keep saying "dada."  It really makes my heart melt.  I hope having him gone doesn't affect her too much.  We've recorded videos of them two together so I will play those for her every night.  It's just sad to see them apart.

Bleh, I just had to vent.  This is my life.  I cannot wait for him to get out.  Military life isn't all its cut out to be.  You get financial stability but you can never get back those days/months/years he missed out with his family...

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