Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Drama? No, Thank You.

I am exhausted and fed up that you just cannot let this old, drawn-out drama go.  One minute you apologize and act nice, the next you say that you will not let the past go and then you change your mind and you talk about moving on from this mess, and etc etc.  It is like you cannot choose if you want to stay angry or be happy.  You know what you are?  A bipolar delusional hypocrite.  You are just up and down so much, no one can keep up anymore.  I tried to make peace, but you turned it down.  I will not try again because obviously you thrive on this drama.

I had my moment of being angry at you, but I am done.  I am not saying I forgive you for everything, but I can let it all go and be civil when and if I ever see you again.  All I ask of you is to stop bringing EVERYONE into this.  I understand that you want to tell them your side, but remember there are two sides to every story.  If you need to talk to someone, go see a therapist because that is what you need.  OR shocker of shock, if you actually want to know the truth, come to me so we can let it all out.  If you want to keep on like how you have been doing, then good luck living with it all.