Friday, August 19, 2011

Weaning Breastfeeding

So I have been exclusively breastfeeding my daughter for almost 10 months, but just recently decided to stop. It was not because I could no longer produce milk, it is because I was stupid and lost my pump's charger.  There is no place that I could buy another locally.  Even if I were to order a new one, who knows when it would come in.  I am not about to go out and buy another $400 pump, which I probably will use for just a few months.

Breastfeeding has been great for me because I was able to shed off my pregnancy weight and then some!  But it is a bit of an inconvenience.  I love how easy it is to make formula.  No hassle whatsoever.  I am glad to have breastfed as long as I have, but now that I am done I just have a question.  For any of you who breastfed, once you stopped did you gain weight quick?  That is something I am afraid of.  I know I have to eat healthy anyways, but I just want to know your experience.

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Janel said...

Ah... the joys of breastfeeding. The pain of weaning (in my case). It wasn't physical pain, my daughter never took to the bottle so it was a pain emotionally as well. Hearing her whimper when I told her she could no longer "dede" was heartbreaking.

On to your question. I was so skinny while I was breastfeeding my daughter. Not that I preferred myself that way, I just couldn't gain more weight. Once she was weaned, I probably gained about 5 pounds that's it. That's with no exercise or healthy diet (not that I do any of the both though I know I should). The weight gain was gradual. Would love to hear how the weaning goes :)