Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Phone call!

Well, I didn't get my phone call yet but knowing that I'll get to talk to my husband real soon is making feel all giddy inside.  I saw a guy from his boat update his fb status, so thankfully that means they landed in their destination safely.  I can't wait to hear his voice.  And it'd be even more amazing if he has access to wifi so we could do facetime.  *fingers crossed*  That my most favorite feature of our iphones.  It beats have to lug around a laptop just we could video chat.  I know it's only been less than two months since I've talked to him but it really does feel like I've been waiting forever.  I can't imagine with six+ months will feel like..  But anyways, now to play the waiting game for my phone call.  I got my phone next to me at all times and on the highest volume possible.  =D

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JC! :) said...

David and I never used FaceTime for some reason. We preferred Skype but to each their own. I have no idea how eight months is going to feel luckily I'll be busy and productive. Plus luckily he works near radio so that's a perk when it comes to emails.

Tell brother David and I say hello.

郭文萱 said...

BARF! Just kidding! I can see that you're really FINALLY getting a phone call! But yay!! Hope he calls soon so you don't have to anticipate for so long ^_^ Gnights!

D.Sadie said...

@Joyce. Haha. I liked using Skype/Oovoo, but Chris didn't for some reason and complained it'd be too much work especially if he was already in bed. So now with our phones he has no reason not to video chat with me. Lol. And I'll tell him you guys said hi! =D

@Lerma. Shut yo face! LOL. JK. I know right! I can't wait. =)

Dana Yoshimizu said...

haha, highest volume to make sure you can't miss his call! :D
I hope he calls soon.


Janel said...

Aw, you'll get that call real soon. I can feel it (hehe). Yay for technology!